Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a primary care provider, I do my best to approach each patient I treat holistically. I believe in a mix of modern-day medicine and holistic care addressing the "whole" patient mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Bethany has played an intricate role in me achieving this goal. Over the past few years, I have had the amazing pleasure to collaborate with her in the treatment of many of my patients. From joint pain, back aches, TMJ, to migraines and more, Dr. Bethany's amazing skill, willingness to try alternative approaches, and compassionate care has led to a multitude of successful outcomes for my patient's and myself. She works with providers and patients to tailor treatment plans that fit not only their physical needs, but their financial, and emotional needs as well. She has taken the fear of chiropractic care away from many of my patients through her compassionate touch and elevates the practice with her knowledge and skill. I encourage anyone who may be hesitant to try chiropractic care or who may have had a less than optimal experience in the past to meet Dr. Bethany. I promise you will not leave disappointed."

- Laura Gile DNP, APRN, CNP

"My experience with Dr. Bethany has been a true blessing in my life. I have seen her for my own care and I have referred many of my own patients to her. I have frequent headaches which have improved dramatically with neck adjustments. Dr. Bethany has made an impact to the overall quality of my life. She is also friendly, genuine and cares about her patients well -being and health.

She is very good with pregnant women. I have many women who are my patients who will drive 25-30 miles to see her. She also helps with newborn and baby issues. She also sees women with chronic back pain leading to pelvic floor dysfunction. I have always said to people who ask my opinion about Dr. Bethany, that she has "magic hands" and I have had many people thanking me for referring them to her as she has helped them with issues that did not resolve until they saw her."

- Dr. Soumathy P., M.D.

"I am really happy I found Dr. Bethany while I was pregnant with my first baby. She was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable to my prenatal needs. I found getting adjusted was so helpful in relieving my mid-low back pain that I continued my care with Dr. Bethany after having my baby as well.

She also adjusted my son when he was just weeks old to help with digestion and get him aligned as he was favoring one side of his body. Thank you Dr. Bethany for being so thorough and kind in walking us through the process of my son's first adjustment! I have total confidence he is good hands with Dr. Bethany. I highly, highly recommend!"

- Abby G.

"My husband and I have seen Dr. Bethany for almost three years. She is friendly, personable, and quite possibly the best chiropractor I have ever seen. She is very good at listening to and understanding our concerns and asks questions to determine what we feel works or not. I referred my mom to see Dr. you can tell that I would trust anyone in her care."

- Katrina and Shawn S.

"I was treated by Dr. Bethany for accident-related injuries. She is very accommodating and understands the treatment needed to provide relief. She is a very skilled chiropractor and also gives great at-home care recommendations. She is, by far, one of the best chiropractors I have received treatment from."

- Dave T.

"I am blessed to have Dr. Bethany as my chiropractor. She worked with me to figure out the cause of my neck and back pain and would continue to try new techniques. Not only is she extremely professional, her friendly disposition made me look forward to seeing her for each adjustment. I would highly recommend Dr. Bethany for anyone who's looking for a skilled, personable chiropractor to aid in their health."

- Star W.

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